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Taylor Mesple - All the While
(2009 Record Label - BMI)

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Taylor Mespie

One of my favorite drummers on the planet! Deep pocket, quick learn, highly creative, and SUPER nice guy! It's always an honor to play melodies over his grooves."

Tony Furtado

Taylor Mespie

We are extremely lucky to have CT in our area. He'd be a first call drummer anywhere. What he takes for granted most of us musicians struggle to get to for a lifetime. Timing, feel, what makes a song work, how to build it, where to play, where NOT to play, etc. - He does all of this without thinking.He's among the most prepared players I've ever worked with. He comes to the studio with charts done for himself. And he brings ideas none of the rest of us have even considered. Then, when I coach him to change something, he plays it that way, first take, like it was his own.
Add to this the fact that he's one of the nicest guys on the planet, and you basically have the perfect studio musician - bringing the funk, ego left at the door, great ideas, everything well played, a great attitude, a great work ethic. And he can play extremely well any type of percussion instrument known to man - as well as a few only known to him - and in any style.

I never want to do a record without him.
John McVey - producer/engineer, Coupe Studios

Taylor Mespie

Christian is a force to be reckoned with, the gold standard for "mail order" drums on this planet, I believe. I can't imagine producing a project without him there in the studio in the flesh or there across the internet lines in his secret bunker of... drum magic. I literally haven't done a project without him involved in some way in as long as I can remember, maybe 8 years. My basic checklist for a project is a great song, a Neumann M149, great tube compressor, great piano, Fender Champ, my dad's Martin guitar and Christian Teele. You can do anything you want with those items, pretty much. He adds so much to a project and makes it so much fun, on perc or kit... the song is brought up to it's highest potential every time... it's just unthinkable to try to forge ahead on a project without his
involvement. -- Taylor Mesple

NIck Forster
"Christian is great guy and a rock solid drummer for the ETown house band. He shows up prepared, he's a good listener, he's comfortable with any style of music that comes his way - really! From Afro-Cuban dance grooves to straight ahead country, he always finds the right way to make a musical contribution. His pro attitude and easy going nature really help our musical guests - and there have been hundreds of them - get over their fear of making music with strangers"

Nick Forster -


Steve Glotzer
"I have been using Christian's drum and percussion tracks for many years. Regardless of whether it's for a commercial release, TV or movie soundtrack...His work is always spot on... Sonically, the drums sound amazing, as good as any big studio. Creatively and technically, Christian always brings something special to his performance, making it sound as if we recorded the track performing live together in the studio. Like I mentioned, always spot on!!"

SteveGlotzer - Glotzer,musician/composer

Eliza Gilkyson
Christian is rock steady, sensitive to lyrics and emotion in a song, and a great person, a pro all the way around.

Eliza Gilkyson


Let's talk about the drumming. The most consistently amazing feature on this CD, to my jaded ears, is Christian Teele's drumming.  He is master of this recording, from each straight-up 4/4 to the sweet Caribbean shuffle of Smile to the light brushwork of The City Goes By. This man could be the next Steve Gadd if he's not careful. Let's keep an eye on this guy. ... Now when is Christian Teele making a record?

Stefan Low in review of Billy & Liza's It's About Time

Mollie O'Brien
You really want to work with Christian Teele. He shows up well prepared for each tune and has lots of great ideas for you to choose from. He's flexible, won't complain if you think your ideas are better than his, and he's on time ! He really gets the music, listens to it and as a result you've got a drummer that's to die for both at in the studio and at the gig.

Mollie O'Brien -

Ricardo Pena
Christian Teele is by far the best session drummer I know and work with in Colorado. He is fast, very professional, and always very musical! His tone on his drums is outstanding and his playing impeccable. I am very happy to recommend him to anyone needing a great drummer for any recording or live performance! His wonderful attitude also makes him a real pleasure to work with!

Ricardo Peña
- Producer, session player and band leader -

Eric Scchider
" I can testify that the drum tracks that Christian Teele provides are 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. It's nice to know that when you give your personal musical creation to Christian, you can trust that he cares as much about your music as you do. If you know EXACTLY what you want with the ideas you have regarding the drum tracks, he will do exactly what you want. But if you are not sure, he will arrange the drum tracks and complete your song to perfection. Most of the time the ideas he has about drums are a lot better than you could personally conceive. So why would you want to to waste all of your hard earned cash spending two days just getting good drum sounds and another day to pay for recording the sounds themselves? I'll never forget the first time I used Christian and he nailed the song PERFECT the first time, every sixteenth note hit, every transition, everything. He pays so much attention to detail it's unbelievable. Actually working with Christian made it a lot harder on any drummer I have worked with since because I am constantly preaching to every drummer I work with about how they should play as a drummer. Not only does he have the best drum kit playing hands down, in Colorado, he also provides the best Conga, Bongo, Bell, basically any kind of Latin drum sound as well. I run the two best Salsa bands in town, Quemando, and Fleur de Cana, and I use Christian for all of my albums. Did I mention he sight reads music flawlessly on the first read thru? And if you do not have sheet music, don't worry, give him 5 minutes and he will write one really quick and THEN NAIL IT. You can't go wrong with Christian, 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed, where else in the world do you get that!

Eric Schneider - owner and manager of Quemando Latin Entertainment, llc. -